Corporate Profile

Competitive Consulting Group

We specialize in the improvement and transparency of business processes through the integration of the human factor to the changes that occurs in every day operations.

Our Interventions allow companies to take advantage of its best resources, the people. All this will give our clients the competencies necessary to work with learning, cognitive issues, interactions and behavior in business processes.

Our Difference

We differentiate ourselves by providing specialized consultation in process excellence. We take advantage of our knowledge of individual, group behavior and human factor within an organization as a base to develop our interventions.

The following four aspects are fundamental for the difference that we make:

    Compliance Support

    Creating an ethic culture to support the compliance of regulations within the organization.

    Human Integration

    Helping leaders to identify the right moment and the collaboration needed to integrate people to changes and improvement of business process. Creating interventions that provide flexibility and fluidity to any organizational process.

    Reengineering of knowledge

    Building learning structures within the context of the business and operational processes.

    Systemic methodology

    We have developed a methodology that goes beyond a simple training program or a coaching system. We provide a systematic interventions that incorporate the organization as a whole.