Competitive Consulting Group

Competence: To have a unique knowledge and proficiency above others.

Ethics & Compliance

The effective integration of ethics culture in the organizations is the key for a successful compliance program (Joseph, 2001).

How We Support your Management?

  • Appreciate not only the human limitations but also the link between human information processing and employees performance.

  • We establish an organizational culture based on ethics and integrity to support the integration of corporate compliance regulations.

  • We acquire operational strategies to control and manage the deviance behavior in the organization (fraud, corruption, violence and unethical behaviors).

  • We develop Ethics & Compliance Programs with methodological techniques (Engineer Psychology) for human integration and errors decrease in the Program implementation.

Our interventions are supported by compliance with the following regulations

  • BSA/ USA PATRIOT ACT (Anti-Money Laundering Program)

  • SOX (Financial Transparency)

  • The U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations

  • Financial Modernization Act (Gramm Leach Bliley Act)

  • Fraud & Corruption Prevention Guidance

  • HIPAA Compliance