Competitive Consulting Group

Competence: To have a unique knowledge and proficiency above others.

Organizational Competitiveness

Human-Driven Process Management

If management can deal effectively with those human work-related activities, then it will succeed in the implementation of strategies to achieve excellence and competitiveness.

Competitive Consulting Group performs a range of intervention with the fields of Engineering Psychology and Human Factor.

How we improve operations?

  • Support for "human-driven" processes management focused on human creativity and collaboration. To achieve this, Competitive Consultant Group deals not only with tasks, but also with those aspects of work visible from inside - information, interaction and innovation.

  • Management support for human integration to business processes changes, systems analysis, and new technology implementation.

  • Assessment and development of competencies needed to deal with human activities and human information processing. That are important parts of the decision making process and the change management of every day work activities.

  • Reengineering of knowledge-intensive operative processes. Assessment and development of processes in which knowledge is used to make decisions or create outputs.