Competitive Consulting Group

Competence: To have a unique knowledge and proficiency above others.

Corporate Investigations

  • Misappropriation of corporate assets. Undisclosed conflicts of interest and improper business relationships.

  • Internal fraud & corruption. Investigative discovery and electronic evidence recovery.

  • Investigations into regulatory non-compliance.

  • Security Programs Development (Physical and Internal).

Intellectual Property Protection

  • We develop investigations into the infringement of patents and copyrights including product piracy and counterfeiting and quantification & enforcement of licensing and royalty payments.

  • In today’s global marketplace, it is increasingly difficult for companies to control product fraud, safeguard corporate assets, and protect their reputation against inferior "knockoffs" and the black market.

  • Counterfeiting and black markets affect a broad range of products including software, currency and credit cards, CDs and videotapes, clothing, perfumes, pharmaceuticals and aircraft parts. According to the ICC Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau, counterfeit products account for 5% of world trade, representing about US$250 billion annually.

How We Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

  • We work in coordination with Federal and State law enforcement agencies. We identify of counterfeit or diverted products.

  • We develop intelligence of manufacturers, vendors and retailers to track the source of the products.

  • Seizure of all counterfeit inventories and means of production.

  • Pursuit of civil remedies and criminal prosecution, where warranted.

Anti-Piracy Protection

  • We supporting the Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies in Puerto Rico (Dept. of Justice, FBI, US Secret Service, ICE, NIE, and PR Police) with trainings and criminal intelligence development against the people who violate the copyrights and trademark law.

  • We Protect the Intellectual Rights of MPAA & RIAA members.