Competitive Consulting Group

Competence: To have a unique knowledge and proficiency above others.

Training & Development

A key to maintaining corporate advantage is to develop competent personnel, indispensable in creating conscience and a business environment that correspond with your business values and interests.

CCG provide different training programs that will help organizations develop it people. Every training is design to fulfill the special needs of our clients.

Our Trainings are:

  • Effective Hiring Methods

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • How to Detect Abuse of Controlled Substances in the Workplace?

  • How to be an effective leader?

  • Conflict Management

  • Managing Bad Habits

  • Fraud Management

  • Money Laundering

  • Check Fraud: Prevention and Detection

  • ID Theft

  • Credit/Debits Cards Fraud

  • Evolution and Detection of the Fraud in Loans

  • Organizational Fraud

  • False Money

  • Robbery and Assault to a Financial Institutions

  • Sales Techniques

  • Customer Service

  • Telemarketing

  • False Identifications Detection

  • “BSA”/Bank Secrecy Act Section 326/352(“USA Patriot Act”)

  • Management of Information Security (Financial Modernization Act “Gramm Leach Bliley Act”)

  • Strategies of BSA & the USA PATRIOT Act Compliance

  • Problems Solutions

  • Labor Aspects

  • Process Development and Human Integration (Engineer Psychology)